If you are looking for an experienced company that would create a professional and modern website for you, you are in the right place! Web development is our specialty, so you can be sure that your website will look unique and attract the attention of customers. We offer a wide range of services, from designing and creating websites to their promotion and optimization.

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Since 2019, we have been designing websites and full-stack web applications that allowed our clients to move their business to the internet. We believe that well made internet website is a principle for business growth and a gateway, by which your client will create a vision of your company. We know that our success leads to your success – that is why each of our projects is made with a unique approach and attention to details.

Web design is our deep passion.

Wizytówki, strony firmowe, CV w formie online, nowoczesne zaproszenia na wesela w formie WEB. Strony internetowe tworzone przez nas są responsywne, nowoczesne oraz proste w obsłudze. W głównej mierze opieramy się na platformie WordPress. Stosujemy również własny kod HTML. Możemy również doradzić lub opracować szatę graficzną strony.

90% of users in order to find a company first looks for its website. It’s very important that whatever they find on the web – it’s modern and responsive. It leads the user to be more willing to spend more time on it, increasing the chance for the user to become a customer. To create websites – we use WordPress CMS with additions of our CSS, HTML and Javascript code. We also help to create design for the site.

Well built and intuitive shop increases the chance for users to buy the products. While building we keep our attention that the shop is adjusted for both sides – seller and buyer. Simple product adding process, product variations and other parameters will make the selling process a pleasure.

We create dedicated solutions if a form of full stack applications to answer most complex problems. Applications built from a scratch allow for full flexibility and automation, and their users receive a complex and intuitive solution.

Websites that were incorrectly built can lose their speed, modules can stop working and will do poorly on website positioning. We understand that and we help our clients to get the site back on its feet.

We also help to add modules to your website – want to add a sales module? Reservations? Booking system? No problem!

Our 4 steps to achieve your internet success:

Odpowiedz na kilka prostych pytań, abyśmy mogli zrozumieć czego potrzebujesz

Tell us what you need so that we can better understand on what do we need to provide

All gears are in place – let’s get to work! We need up to 2 wees of time to show you the first draft of your new site. We can also create an email inbox and your Google company profile

We will adjust the site to your remarks and suggestions to ensure that it fits your concept fully

The website is complete – great! Now we can start promoting it. We can create a promotion plan for the website – key words and start to manage the ads. Make sure to have phone on you, the client is about to call!

"Everyone loves our new website from Bee2web, and since they took care of our ads our phones don't stop ringing!"
Tworzenie stron internetowych


SaaS event management platform. Landing page and the application was developed from the scratch. Bee2web original project.

E-commerce website that offers diverse pet food and treats. The website was integrated with Baselinker platform.

Mullti-page professional website project for a Neurologpedist office

A E-commerce website project for a women’s clothing and glasses seller.

Mullti-page website project for an agency that finds legal employment in Poland for workers coming from Eastern countries

Your brand new website? 😉



Website ECO

From 790 PLN
  • Up to 4 tabs included
  • Chosen modern template
  • CMS - WordPress
  • Contact form
  • Full customer support

  • Delivery time: up to 7 days

OnePager PRO

From 1390 PLN
  • Modern landing page
  • Individual graphic design of the website
  • CMS - WordPress
  • Contact form
  • Full customer support

  • Delivery time: up to 7 days

Business PRO

From 1890 PLN
  • Up to 4 tabs included
  • Individual graphic design of the website
  • CMS - WordPress
  • Contact form
  • Full customer Support

  • Delivery time: up to 14 days


From 3899 PLN
  • Up to 4 tabs included
  • Individual graphic design of the website
  • CMS - WordPress + Woocommerce
  • Contact form
  • Payment system integration (i.e. przelewy24)
  • Full cutomer support
  • Delivery time: up to 30 days

*The pricing shown includes net price. 23% VAT tax needs to be included.
*The pricing shown is for reference only. The prices may vary depending on the individual features of ordered website.